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Bus Inspection MC19 1b  /  Bus Safety Inspection  /  NYCRR Title 17 Part 721.2a

Comply by checking the vehicle for seating, emergency exits, axel capacity, tire capacity, Chassi capacity, manufacturers tags and all mechanicals as brakes, front end, complete suspension, lighting, body panels, bumpers, glass, gravity brake testing for all buses, limousines, ambulettes and school buses.

  • Weights ranging from 5000 lbs to 50,000 lbs.
  • We have drive on lifts, sizes range up to 48 feet long.
  • We also install emergency roof hatches.


  • Visually determine whether air brakes are in or out of adjustment before taking to the road with the bus.
  • In cab display provides real time display of brake stroke travel each time the brakes are applied.
  • Last brake application is stored in memory for quick reference.
  • Display provides real time diagnostics of other faults in the foundation brake system.
  • Real time display of brake fade due to over heating friction material and drums.
  • Assures ABS systems are working to maximum efficiency.
  • Promotes balanced braking in normal and emergency situations.
  • Reduces the potential for "jack knife" situations.
  • Reduces the potential loss of control of vehicles and trailers due to out of adjustment air brakes or other identifiable faults in the foundation brake system.
  • Pro-active approach to the number one safety concern within the transportation industry.
  • Maintenance and Diagnostic Aid
  • Reliable diagnostic tool.
  • Quickly and accurately identifies air brake chambers that are in or out of adjustment, or are at best marginal.
  • Diagnose ABS fault light due to out of adjustment air brakes or other problems in the foundation brake system.
  • Simultaneously or Individually
  • Identify weak or broken emergency brake springs.
  • Identify worn, defective or seized automatic or manual slack adjusters.
  • Identify slack adjusters that have not been correctly set up.
  • Identify cracked or out of round brake drums.
  • Identify air brake chambers that need adjustment to maintain balanced braking.
  • Identify leaking diaphragms, frozen or clogged air valves seized push rods.
  • Identify brake shoes that are "hung up" due to other faults in the foundation brake system or slack adjuster faults.
  • Balance air brake adjustment by chamber.
  • Diagnose foundation brake faults with the push of a button.
  • Display real time diagnostics of brake stroke and foundation brake system activity for individual brake chambers on a truck or bus from the display in the cab of the truck.

Productivity Enhancement

  • Provide a fast accurate visual indication of brake stroke travel for drivers, mechanics and DOT inspectors.
  • Eliminates down time of drivers and equipment due to roadside detainment by the DOT for air brakes out of adjustment and other faults in the foundation brake system.
  • Eliminates mechanics adjusting air brakes needlessly.
  • Increases operational efficiency of drivers and equipment permitting more delivery time.
  • Substantially reduces trouble-shooting time of foundation brake system.
  • Increases the efficiency of mechanics.
  • Reduces down time of equipment during preventative maintenance (PM) inspections.
  • Increases the productivity of your buses.

Cost Savings

  • Diagnostics capabilities of Brake Inspector greatly reduce a mechanic's shop time trouble shooting and repairing air brake problems and other faults in the foundation brake system.
  • Accurate pre trip inspections and post trip inspections for air brake stroke travel and emergency spring brake applications are reduced from approximately 20 minutes to 2 minutes.
  • Reducing a driver's mandatory pre and post trip inspection time increases the driver's productivity, the efficiency of your Bus and improves Destination runs with Passengers.
  • Reliable JIT increases customer confidence, customer retention and enables more delivery loads per month.
  • Identification of properly adjusted air brakes eliminates the time spent by mechanics needlessly readjusting air brakes and eliminates driver and equipment down time saving man-hours.
  • Brake Inspector eliminates roadside detainment and down time for the driver and the Bus due to a DOT inspection that finds out of adjustment air brakes.
  • Brake Inspector eliminates fines and lost CVOR points for brakes found out of adjustment by the DOT.
  • Brake Inspector promotes balanced braking. Balanced braking extends tire life providing more miles per tire.
  • Balanced braking reduces the potential incident rate

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