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Phone: 1-516-826-4040
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Phone: 1-516-826-4040
Fax: 1-516-826-0711

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NYS DOT Bus Inspection MC19 1b

Please Fill in the Following Information

* Operation Information

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Yes, please send NYSDOT information via e-mail to the following address:
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Motor Vehicles shall be presented for inspection at the time and place designated by a duly authorized representative Department. The following individual(s) is/are responsible to insure that any required records and vehicle(s) are available Inspection:

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Name: *    E-Mail Address: *

The following individuals are familiar with the requirements as contained in NYCRR Title 17 Part 722 and are primarily responsible to report accidents/incidents to the NYDOT.

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I am a duly authorized representative of the organization as indicated above. I reviewed the information on this form and to the best of my knowledge find it to be true and accurate.

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